How to setup SEO Studio Script on your website

SEO Studio Script

Many people may want to know if this is a PHP script. There are many people who want to make money from Adsense by making a website but the site will be a tool website where everyone will come and SEO their website. I run a site and got Adsense so I shared

This SEO Studio Script script helps you to optimize your website’s ranking in several search engines. It helps your website to see the top results with our great built-in tools.

Product Description
This SEO tool PHP script provides you with a platform to create an SEO hub. It helps you to optimize your web traffic and ranks you higher within the search results. it’s a set of 20+ SEO tools to optimize web pages and helps you in ranking higher.

Significantly, this SEO studio is features rich and features a dynamic dashboard to manage your website.

Standalone Features of SEO Tool PHP Script
Translations Ready
Translation ready means this script support multiple languages. it’s very easy to vary your site’s language.

it’s quite 100+ languages during which you’ll easily translate your website.

Crawlablility Test
This SEO Studio Script PHP script helps you to crawl your website’s content once you update or create a page.

Significantly, this test ensures whether the website is often crawled or not.

Top Search Queries
Top search queries display the results of the most searched queries on the web. Moreover, also shows the CPC,

volume, and search percentage on a specific query.

Indexed Pages
This feature shows you the number of pages of an internet site. Which has been indexed by search engines.

Once your page gets crawled by the search you’re indexed in their database.

Sitemaps are different pages of an equivalent website in a hierarchical manner.

This script checks for the sitemap.xml file on your website. And also tells the share of an internet site to be found on Google and Bing.

SERP (Search Engine Rank Page)
This feature helps you to rank higher so as when a specific keyword is searched.

However, also helps you to seek out your current ranking for all of your keywords.

Speed Test
Speed test allows you to see the speed of your website and rates it as per the recommended speed. Moreover,

also tells you the google recommendation for performance and speed.

Keyword Research And Density
This feature helps you display a specific keyword’s volume, monthly search, CPC, and a few other parameters.

This feature of the SEO tool PHP script helps you analyze your website’s content with a selected keyword.

However, it checks a specific keyword in your content body, meta tags, and meta description.

Additional Features of SEO Tool PHP Script
Sitemap Submission – This feature is for brand spanking new sites or redesigned sites to submit your

sitemap to google or bing.
High-Quality Backlinks – It displays the highest 100 highest quality backlinks pointing toward your site.
New Backlinks – the most recent website on the web which is pointing a backlink to your site.
Poor Quality Backlinks – It shows the highest 100 lowest quality websites pointing to your site.
Alexa Ranks – This feature allows you to find your current global feature.
Robot TXT – This feature reads and parses the robot file to Google or Bing and these findings are

displayed in an organized manner.
Unique Admin Dashboard
This dashboard helps you manage the various section of the website, in-built SEO tools, and other

settings. Furthermore, the dashboard has the subsequent.

Activity Logs
General Settings
Cache Configuration
All The SEO Tools
Many More Options

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