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Beware of Litespeed Cache WordPress Plugin

WordPress Users Beware Litespeed Cache WordPress Plugin We use this plugin to speed up the browsing

speed of our website but there are many problems from the beginning of this plugin.

Initially, you will not have any problem but all of a sudden your website may become

broken if you use this plugin.

There are a number of reasons why this plugin may stop working on your site’s CSS. First, you create a

website, before you use any plugin in WordPress you must know about these plugins and then install the

plugin, in most blogging Litespeed Cache WordPress plugin, are reports that many websites have

become broken after using the wp-rocket plugin.

Initially, the browsing speed of your website can never be faster than any plug-in. The more plugins you

use on your website, the slower your website will be, but the premium version

of this type of plugin is fairly

useful, but if you use the free version, you can design your website. Can become broken.

Sites not broken on all websites but some Bangladeshi newspaper themes

that we use to create Bangla newspaper sites have a lot of problems with Lightspeed

cache and wp-rocket on all these sites. Got proof.

So in the first case if your website becomes broken after using this plugin then how to fix it

you first go to your file manager to fix it then go to the file manager from your Cpanel then

from here you can go to wp-content wp-content

Go to Plugging Options Go to Plugging Options Go to the Rename option of the plugin that you

have installed, from there you will write Disable with underscore or hyphen, then your plugins

disabled, the website is broken.

If this problem is still not solved then you go to the WordPress website then download the latest

version of WordPress then download and extract this file after extracting from here you will delete

the config.php file after deleting it again zip file After zip file, this file will be uploaded to your

WordPress public ST MLA, which means upload it to the root folder of your website. After

uploading, you will extract it. If you come then this problem of yours will be solved.

And before using this kind of plugin, you must search for the bad aspects of this plugin online.

LiteSpeed plugin more bad effect explain next article for trzen website

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