Instagram Influencer Marketing | A New Marketing Trend

Instagram Influencer Marketing | A New Marketing Trend

Instagram Influencer Marketing | A New Marketing Trend

Can you Imagine, Instagram is about a two billion dollar industry? Instagram influencer marketing has taken over the social media world. Instagram users worldwide have started living from paid posts and collaborative marketing campaigns.


Influencer users recommend products and services to their loyal audience. With the influencer space projected to grow to a $ 5-10 billion industry by 2021. It is a marketing force that is not going anywhere. We’ve gathered everything you need to know about Instagram influencer marketing. Try to How to become an Instagram influencer?


How to work with Instagram Influencer marketing

If you decide that Instagram influencer marketing is the right move for your business. You need to set your budget. It’s an expensive game and a full promotion with influencers charging. Each post and story can take you far behind.


On a smaller budget, you will be looking at micro-influencers to promote your brand. These influencers have more minor followers (1,000 – 10,000) but have a high engagement rate on their posts.


It’s a more cost-effective option for small businesses. Those with micro-influencers can impact a specific audience. With a bigger budget, you can think of more prominent influencers but try not to folds vanity metrics. Like follower count and focus on engagement rate.


How to Become an Instagram Influencer Marketer:

1- Choose a niche.

Finding a unique space/industry to embrace will help you refine your message and have a focused and beautiful Instagram feed. It will also help you create a content strategy and focus on your brand. List your favorite hobbies or interests on a piece of paper to help you narrow your search.


2- Research your niche.

If you’ve been using Instagram for a while. Chances are you are already following people who have similar interests. Jot down their photography style. Which hashtags these influencers use most, and what content performs best. This will give you some insights into what will resonate with your target audience.


3- Set your goals on how to become an Instagram Influencer?

Will it be published once a week? Once a day? Will you take a picture every Saturday? Setting a schedule or calendar will help you reconcile everything else in your life with your Instagram content.


4- Start posting

Taking a no-pressure and diving into it is the best way to acclimate to posting on Instagram. Do you want to rely on Instagram filters or photo editing software? Do you like long or short comments? These questions can only answers after you begin.


5- Find your voice.

When you have a few posts on your Instagram, take the time to define your goal. Some will say that you should define your purpose before posting anything. But need to get your feet wet to know what you have to say with your Instagram. There is a story that only you can tell, so look for the details and uniqueness that you want to share with the world.


6- Grow your audience

This step involves finding the growth methods that work for you. Many influencers rely on hashtags. But the possibilities are endless. Use the name tag function to communicate with people on personal networking events. Be active on Instagram to increase your visibility (comment, like, etc.).


7- Interact with your community

You must be an excellent Instagram user as well as an Instagram influencer. Comment on your favorite posts, like great content, and use direct messages (DM). This will also help you for meaningful communication. Ensure you interact with people in your industry or niche to make great connections with them and discover their followers.


8- Evaluation and Repetition

This is an ongoing refinement process. Use the software to track your progress, or use your Instagram Business Profile to discover who follows you. Which photos are most successful, and what you should be doing in the future.


9- Post frequently to become an Instagram Influencer

Those who succeed on Instagram post to Instagram constantly! Add to your Instagram Stories every day, post content in your feed, and leave likes/comments to improve your chances of discovering and gaining followers. Each post represents an opportunity to reach your audience and improve your “earned media value,”. Making you a better candidate for partnerships with brands.


Some steps on how to connect Instagram Influencers


1) Identify: Identify the right influencers based on the demographic you are trying to reach. The category, the follower base, and who has the highest engagement rate.


2) Content Creation: If you already have content, you can ask an influencer to share your content. Or if you do not want to spend time creating content or if you do not have the resources to create high-quality content. Then it is recommended to use existing content from an influencer. But make sure your brand message is clear and that there is a clear call to action.


3) Communication: Communication is critical in any marketing campaign. Make sure to reach out to influencers on how much they’ll charge for each post, create content, or for all the likes.


4) Email Marketing: Email marketing is the best-targeted leads to connect the Influencer marketer. Just make some email sequences and send them to them periodically. Along with that send a follow-up email also.


4) Analysis: During or after the campaign, you can analyze the campaign’s effectiveness. Based on metrics like the number of likes and comments. Measuring this score will help you understand what works and what doesn’t so that you can plan your future campaign.


The Future of Instagram Influencer Marketing

In the long run, it appears that Instagram influencers may act more in a supportive PR role than as avenues for more publicity. When so much depends on authenticity, trying to adapt a famous Instagram as a brand ambassador is always a struggle.


Alternatively, see brands reach existing and supportive customers who have the power to influence on a smaller scale. They may not have the same reach or shame as the most significant influencers. But by talking to their niche audiences on a more specialized topic, “micro-influencers” can be more credible advocates.


Seeing advertisers make big bucks getting Instagrams’s hottest stars to advertise their products. We’d likely see brands discover who’s talking about their products. Check that they match the brand’s image. And then help them increase subscriber numbers. If brands support their supporters in this way, it can help cement a very effective marketing strategy at the grassroots level.



Its super easy to find Influencer from Insta platform and get them connected. To promote your website, Brand, YouTube Videos. For this email marketing plays a vital role. As email is the easiest way to reach out influencers. Hope you’ll find benefit from this content and don’t forget to share your comment below. Thanks

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