How to SEO blogger Website free

Search Machine optimization( SEO) is essential for any blogger who wants to increase their website’s visibility and attract further organic business. Then are some tips to help you optimize your blogger website for SEO

Choose a hunt-friendly sphere name Your sphere name should be descriptive and easy to flash back . It should also include applicable keywords that describe your blog’s niche.

Use a responsive blogger template Your blogger template should be responsive and mobile-friendly to insure that your website looks good on all bias, including smartphones and tablets.

Optimize your blog post titles Your blog post titles should include applicable keywords that describe the content of your post. The title should be compelling and should encourage compendiums to click through to read further.

produce high- quality content Your blog posts should be instructional, engaging, and well- written. They should also include applicable keywords that help search machines understand what your content is about.

Use descriptive URLs Your blog post URLs should be descriptive and include applicable keywords. This makes it easier for hunt machines to understand what your content is about.

Use heading markers Use heading markers( H1, H2, H3) to organize your content and make it easier for compendiums and search machines to understand the structure of your post.

Optimize your images Use descriptive train names and alt markers for your images to help search machines understand what your images are about. This can also help drive business to your website through image hunt results.

figure quality backlinks Backlinks are links from other websites to your website. They’re an important ranking factor for hunt machines. Focus on erecting high- quality backlinks from authoritative websites in your niche.

Use social media Use social media to promote your blog posts and attract further business to your website. This can also help make backlinks to your website.

Cover your website’s performance Use tools like Google Analytics to cover your website’s performance and track your progress over time. This can help you identify areas where you need to ameliorate your SEO strategy.

In summary, optimizing your blogger website for SEO requires a combination of specialized and happy-affiliated factors. By following these tips, you can ameliorate your website’s visibility, attract further organic business, and make a strong online presence for your blog.

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