How To Fix Pubg Control Problem In Gameloop Emulator

Gameloop emulator is the most popular gaming emulator and plays smoothly in pubg with other games

But sometimes face a problem with in-game control settings with the emulator setting so fast solve the emulator setting

then 100% solve the game setting with graphics.

fast step open the Gameloop emulator then see the right side top three-dot menu click this menu and go to setting

follow this step and solve the control problem in the Gameloop emulator click on the engine and see some setting

this setting depends on your computer configuration you have used any dedicated graphic card select openGL+

Or don’t USE and graphic card select a smart mode or DirectX explain smart mode no need for any

graphic cards play smoothly but graphic quality some reduced or select DirectX then your emulator

use graphics from your computer processor and high-load processor with some extra temperature

Your CPU then feels with frame drop okay I suggest selecting smart mode and then see the next setting mark

three settings without a program follow this image.

then see another set depending on your computer configuration but minimum use of 4gb ram

play smoothly following this image and sell all sets in the same to same.

Then open your pubg game and go to control setting select Controls click on the third option and

Click Customize then set all settings in the same to same following this image. solve your

control problem in Gameloop emulator

Now a Very important part of game sensitivity click on setting and select graphic then click on smooth

and framerate select on High now see a setting Style setting set this setting colorful then need set the sensitivity

set the same to the same in following this image. and solve control problem in Gameloop emulator

Now play this game and enjoy the best performance with the fix you’re all

control problem in Gameloop emulator

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