How to install google Play Store On Windows 10

Today share how to set the Android app installer Google Play Store on your Windows computer

using Windows 10 installing all Android apps without other emulators and using lag-free

Step One:

Open Windows settings on the start menu click settings and open it now see a search box on this window

and write Windows Features and search here now see turn with features on or of

now open a window like this scroll down and find an option named Virtual Machine Platform

click on Active Features and click OK.

Step two:

Open GitHub or search on Google Windows Subsystem For Android then see a source file with no direct GitHub

with all Windows versions supported now select your Windows version and download this file

Now open any zip explorer like Winrar or 7zip extract this file scroll down find a file name run

then double-click this file or right-click the mouse and select open need some time to wait to load this file.

next, open a Popup Message you can select Continue and left-click on the mouse now start the installation process just wait and see.

when complete the installation step click on Finished open the computer c drive select Program File and find a file named Play Store

or Search for a file named Play Store and open this file now see a Play Store icon open this file and see autorun Google Play Store see a Google sign box write your email and use Play Store install any android app without any emulator and any lower config computer like 2 GB Ram or 4GB ram

Step three:

To get the best Performance just open a setting Now Click on the Windows button and search Graphics settings

Now select Install Anywhere.

Now add the app on the graphic option click on the add button and open the C drive Now gein Find the Play Store file

select the Play Store icon and click Add.

Now See the options performance type three types of performance Just Select high performance and click save.

Now Open Play Store and install any Android game or Android app to run smoothly without any lag

Running Android apps directly on Windows 10 without an impersonator isn’t a straightforward process,

as Windows and Android are different operating systems. still, there’s a tool called”

Windows Subsystem for Android”( WSA) that Microsoft has developed to enable

Android apps to run on Windows 11 and, in the future, potentially on Windows 10 as well.

Then are the general way for using WSA

Check System Conditions

ensure that your Windows 10 interpretation is eligible for Windows Subsystem for Android.

As of my last update in January 2022, this point may be available in Windows 10 Insider Preview builds.
Enable Virtualization

Make sure virtualization is enabled in your computer’s memoirs settings.
Install Windows Subsystem for Android

Enable the Windows Subsystem for Android through the Windows Features settings.
Install Android Apps

Once WSA is installed, you can download and install Android apps from the Microsoft Store.
Please note that the vacuity and functionality of WSA might have changed since my last update,

and this point might be available only in Windows 11 or later performances.

For the most over-to-date information and instructions, check the sanctioned Microsoft attestation or

community forums. Keep in mind that if you specifically need to run Android apps on

Windows 10 without an impersonator, your options might be limited, and it’s always a

good idea to stay informed about new developments in this area.

Alternative System  How to use an Android app on a Windows 10 computer

When Computer RAM is 2GB USE a Simple Emulator Name Nox Player

Open Any browser and search NOX Player Version And Goto Nox Player

Official Website and Setup This File.

Now Click On the Windows Button goto settings to Graphics Settings And Again select the Nox Player icon

whare install location file.

Click This icon and select Performance Settings click high Performance and save changes

When Complete Installation Open Play Store Install any Android App With Any GamePlay With Lag Free.

Last Options.

Install Android app on Windows Computer Without Emulator

Use these features only for Windows 11 users another operating system does not work these tips so don’t try

Open the Windows 11 search bar click type Google Play Service find the Google icon and open it

Goto Sign In Options and log in to your Google account when completing this step install Play Store easily and enjoy Android app

without emulator.

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