How to grow your WordPress website SEO

How to grow a WordPress website with the best SEO Tips first Create a WordPress website

with Proper way and confirm good website optimization with the best Web Server,

Don’t host websites on any local normal-speed hosting server carefully choose a hosting package from an international hosting company.

Set up a fully optimize and simple WordPress theme free or paid version don’t use any illegal version themes or plugins.

Create all categories with meta descriptions and keyword set categories keywords don’t use

any misleading keywords or spam keywords like your category name is tech-related and can’t be viral tags

from another category start WordPress website SEO

When creating a blog post first find your best keywords need any ideas you can use

Google Keywords Planner or other SEO Tools and select 5 keywords and use your blog post with all keywords.

Blog Post best tag finder tools need to search on Google ytbos then see this website WordPress website SEO

and type your main keyword from this blog post click submit button and see the tools that

provide the 500 best keywords for this blog post just copy and paste keywords on the

WordPress blog post edits the right sidebar tags option and clicks add.

The next step use a good featured image related to this blog post and make WordPress

website SEO add a good caption on the images and write image descriptions.


WordPress CMS SEO Tips

Add this website to all search consoles with a sitemap and index all blog posts on search engines 1st

install any SEO plugin free or paid version and go to search console settings see sitemap

options click to create a sitemap and verify on this search console.

Easy step verify on search console use a good plugin Name: Sitekit By google

simple install

the plugin and go to sign in and log in to a Gmail account follow some steps and verify all.

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