New features of Windows 11 2022 Update

Tabs in File Explorer
Now open File Explorer. Which we usually see in the browser.

easily move files from one folder too many other tasks.

Pressing the same shortcut ctrl + T will open a new tab.

video editor. earlier many useful features have been added through which

one more advanced video editing along with minor video editing. everyone should try

Even low-end PC/Laptops can work very smoothly.

What’s more interesting record the webcam along with the screen recording

of some premium features that are purchased separately.

the free version has many useful features.  Microsoft is trying something like Final Cut Pro New features.


Drag and Drop
It’s a feature that many didn’t want coming to Windows 11.

the feature was already there in previous Windows versions (10, 8, 7, etc.), but it was missing in Windows 11.

You can now use this feature whenever you want.

Start Menu
Two features have come together in the start menu. New features

The first is that now you can group apps like mobile.
Second, you can customize how many pins and how many pins will be in the start menu.
In the second case, you need to go to Personalization -> Start and select the number.


Quick Snap
You can easily snap any window through this feature. If you left-click the mouse on the window New features and move it to the top of the desktop,

you will get various snapping options. From there you can easily snap anything.

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