What to do if the smart phone heats up a bit Android mobile

Many of our Android mobiles get hot.
The problem that almost everyone has to face. This problem is especially seen in people who go to watch videos. This can also be observed in the use of social media. Playing games is one of the causes of mobile heating. Also, this problem is more common even when talking on video or audio on mobile.

Smartphones can heat up due to many reasons. Overcharging is one of the main causes of smartphone overheating. Many times smartphones start heating up due to using fake chargers. Moreover, if the virus called malware enters your mobile phone, the mobile phone starts heating up. Mobile phones can heat up due to many other reasons. the smartphone heats

Let’s know how you can keep the phone cool.

#. Do not use very heavy covers on mobile phones. Sometimes heavy covers can make your mobile hot.

# Don’t keep apps’ background unnecessarily because mobile phone heats up when these apps are in the background. Uninstall or update the apps which are very old, it will make your mobile virus-free, mobile space will be free, and mobile will be cool.

#. Do not use the mobile for a long period of time because the continuous use of the mobile for a long time puts extra pressure on the battery and the processor and the mobile phone heats up. smartphone heats
So if you take it out at regular intervals while using the mobile phone, there is less chance of the mobile phone getting hot.

#The display of the mobile phone consumes most of the battery and the backlight of the display needs the most battery. Due to this, the mobile phone may get hot. If it gets hot, reducing the display brightness can solve the problem. That is, don’t keep the unnecessary display light on too much, try to keep it low, it will reduce the charge and reduce the heating of the mobile and reduce the possibility of eye damage.

#. If files accumulate in your mobile’s memory, the mobile will continue to heat up. For this, try to keep the necessary files in Google Drive. And delete unnecessary files. And restarting the phone in case of a mobile problem reduces the possibility of overheating.

#. If the mobile phone is overcharged, the mobile phone may heat up. So, if the mobile charge is 80 to 90 percent, then stop charging. This will reduce the risk of your mobile getting hot. smartphone heats

# If you charge your mobile phone in sunny or hot weather, your mobile phone may get hot. 99% risk of mobile heating up if you talk on mobile or use social media or play games while charging. If it is too hot, you can keep it under the fan for a while, but don’t forget to keep it in the AC room or the fridge. smartphone heats

#. If you want to play games on your phone, take a break from time to time, don’t remember the old game app smart, and update it regularly

If there are any mistakes, please look for forgiveness

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