5 New WhatsApp Tricks WhatsApp New update

The WhatsApp app on our phones has received an update some time ago.

But many are unaware of all the new features that have been added to the

WhatsApp app on our phones after this update.

have written about 5 features in today’s post.

Here you will get the update option. Mine is already updated so the update

the option is not showing on mine. WhatsApp New update

1. The first feature is something like this until now if you have not saved a number on your phone,

you could not send a message on Whatsapp to that number. You can do that from now on.

See how you can do it below. WhatsApp New update

For this, you have to go first. In your phone’s Google Chrome browser.

G. You need the Google Chrome browser to use this trick. Go to the Google Chrome browser’s search option and enter it
Enter the number you want to send a message to and click on the go option. (

Indians write 91 instead of 88.) Like the picture shown below.

2. You can password protect your phone’s Whatsapp app without using any app lock. It does not require any separate app.
For this, you need to enter the Whatsapp app of your phone and go to the 3 dot option.

3. Maybe all have used Delete for everyone option. After you send a message to someone,

you want the message to be deleted from both your phone and their phone. WhatsApp New update

Then you use this delete for everyone option. But this time this option has been slightly updated.

Its deadline was earlier two hours, now it has been made two days. WhatsApp New update

See below I sent the message at 2pm but at 8pm I am getting this option. Look at the picture below.

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